West Vilet Street

West End Conservatory

4716 W. Vliet St.

2019 Mayor’s Design Awards Recipient

West End Conservatory is a boutique music school, and longtime Vilet Street resident. The conservatory teaches “all instruments and all levels” to a diverse student body. However, the management was being edged towards moving to the suburbs, as there wasn’t any space nearby that fit their unique needs. Our team was happy to customize our buildout to their exacting standards, adding many additional practice rooms to our rehab. The abandoned building had been an eyesore to the West Vliet Street neighborhood, and unfortunately the roof had been partially collapsed for years. This site was the first thing you saw driving into the district, and we were happy to take on the four-story rehab, basement to roof. We were lucky and able to keep the West End Conservatory in the neighborhood, and may even expand the business up into the updated residential space eventually.

Why Does This Matter So Much To Us?

West Vilet Street is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood and for the conservatory: There’s Over 200 Students. And Over 70% walk to their lessons.

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