A Diverse Set of Investors

Our team takes great pride in smart development – strategic, long-term investments in commercial and mixed-use real estate that enhance their surrounding neighborhoods. Working closely with a dedicated team of lenders, construction crews, and community partners – our award winning work adds value that exceeds simple black ink through creative, meaningful partnerships.

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Essential Goals

Ryan Pattee and Mayor Tom Barrett

Community Strengthening Investments

Our goal is to create vibrant and sustainable communities where individuals can live, work, and play. This often involves addressing systemic issues such as poverty, unemployment, lack of access to basic services, and a lack of educational and economic opportunities. Investing in our community helps support small businesses, education and training programs, and initiatives to improve public health and safety.

Neighborhood Focused Development

Our Neighborhood Focused Development approach is about creating stronger, more connected communities where everyone can thrive. By working together to address shared challenges and opportunities, communities can build a brighter future for themselves and future generations.

Ryan Pattee speaking

Mayor’s Design Awards Recipient

Projects big and small are honored by the City of Milwaukee as the Mayor presents the annual Mayor’s Design Awards.